Check out some of our awesome projects with creative ideas and great design.

Doarun App


An application for the health sector. Users can engage with one another via chat and utilise the amusing leaderboard and maps of everyone's runs to motivate one another to go for runs every week.
BearCover App to control robot

Bearcover App

Oscar(Bearcover robot) does the night shift and employs radar sensors to evaluate nursing home residents without entering their rooms. We built an app to support their system.
Kottaram Bakery App

Kottaram Homeday

All of your essentials are easily delivered to your doorstep by Kottaram Homeday. With the aid of this app, you may order food, stationery, groceries, meat, fish, and anything else you could need from Kottaram.
A virtual office for lawyers

Proficient Lawyer

Proficient Lawyer is a cross-platform application designed to help legal offices and lawyers to overcome key obstacles by creating a workspace in the application.
Dial contacts

Dial Contacts

Dialcontacts makes it easy to stay connected on the go! Our mobile application is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you can manage your contacts without any hassle.
Application for live vaccination alert

Live Vaccination Alert

An application that provides live data on availability covid vaccination slots. It includes voiceover, email and in-app notifications.